Ally's Green Clean - Real 'Green' Cleaning For Real People.
About Me

My passion for organics, cleaning and organizing led me to find innovative approaches to deeply cleaning a home. With two small children, I was determined to provide a healthy, non-toxic, and clean home for them. I began researching and cleaning with organics in the 1990s and later opened Ally’s Green Clean to friends and families. Ally’s Green Clean has now provided service to five counties in California and we continue to grow. I look forward to hearing from you. 

My Philosophy

The concept of Ally’s Green Clean is to provide a high-end cleaning service using the best equipment on the market along with organic and eco-friendly cleaning products at real prices. 

Utilizing steam cleaners provides a unique approach to cleaning a home.  Steam cleaners disinfect, remove mites, dust, dirt, old residue and grease.  It is a healthy and non-invasive method for those with allergies, asthma or looking to provide themselves with alternatives to commercial chemical cleaners.  Our products are all natural and many of them use plant based derivatives.  We offer naturally scented and mildly scented cleaning agents for those with smell sensitivities.

We provide the best in Dyson technology vacuum systems.  Our machines are currently the newest on the market and we constantly upgrade them to stay current on the latest in cleaning technology.

I also provide a 72 hour guarantee to all of our clients.  I feel you should be happy with services provided in your home and we will return to take care of any issues that come up within 72 hours of notification.  

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you with your cleaning needs. Call 530-264-0421.


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