Ally's Green Clean - Real 'Green' Cleaning For Real People.

I am pleased to offer the following three service levels to meet your cleaning needs. Rates are based on a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home at approximately 1500 square feet and in fair condition. Please add $25 for each additional room. All cleanings are based on a flat-rate fee. For special projects or for larger sized homes please call me for a quote.  All cleanings are guaranteed for 72 hours.  

Basic Clean [From $85.00 and up to $125] includes all of the items listed below. 
Deep Clean [Hourly Fees Ranging from $28.00 to $35.00 per hour per person] includes Basic Clean plus appliances, windows and ceiling fans.
Move In or Move Out  Clean [Hourly fees Range from $28.00 to $35.00 per hour per person] – Move-Out, Appraisal,Real Estate, and Commercial Cleanings. Please contact me directly at 530-264-7044 for quotes on this service.  **Our quotes do vary due to size, condition of the home and specific composites or needs of the client.  

Wipe down counters
Clean out sink
Wipe down front of appliances
Burners and knobs on stove
Dust/wipe down kitchen or dining room table
Sweep and mop floor

Dust lamp shades and mirrors
Straighten up bed
Dust picture frames
Vacuum or mop as the floor design dictates
Baseboards, door jams, door knobs

Wipe down vanity
Clean mirror
Clean/santize toilet
Clean out/sanitize shower and tub
Mop floor
Baseboards, door jams, door knobs

Dust picture frames
Vacuum or mop as the floor design dictates

Dust picture frames
Dust lamp shades and mirrors
Vacuum upholstered couches and chairs
Wipe down all electronics
Baseboards, door jams and door knobs

We include all major appliances, most small appliances, wall mark removal (when possible), ceiling fans, interior windows and tracks, closet tracks.

As an Ally's Green Clean regular service client, we customize each cleaning to suit your needs.  There is no additional fee for this and it is included in your original bid.  Some services such as carpet spot removal and blind cleanings do require additional fees for these additional efforts.

** If you need a cleaning task done, and it's not listed above... just ask! ** 

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